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Globalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility

The 2012 BSCI Roundtable Dialogues in Vietnam


IMG 1604Following the success of Round Table Dialogues of 2009, 2010 and 2011, the Center for Development and Integration (CDI) continues its cooperation with the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative by Foreign Trade Association (FTA) to organize the 2012 Dialogue.


Engaging CSOs in CSR in Vietnam (CSR & CSOs in Vietnam)


Since January 2012, CDI and Batik International with support from CFSI and Ile de France started an initiative to establish a network of Civil Society Organisations  (CSOs) in Vietnam to work on CSR which aims to promote human rights at work, improving environmental practises and monitoring business obligations by active engagement of community.  

 In the past two decades, Vietnam achieved a fast economic development which brought the country to the middle-income countries group in 2009. Poverty has been considerably reduced but still affects approximately ¼ of population. Vietnam became a member of the World Trade Organization and several regional and international institutions, which accelerated the process of international integration as well as deepened impacts of globalization. However, in the global supply chain, Vietnam is poorly positioned as its production along little added values and emerging problems in terms of environmental protection, labour affairs and social development. In this context, corporate social responsibility is receiving growing interest.

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CSR-CSO Network Brochure



Promoting BSCI standards amongst the Vietnamese enterprises and stakeholders in Vietnam



In cooperation with Business Social Compliance Initiative

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) of Foreign Trade Association (FTA) plans to conduct a seminar in Vietnam in order to disseminate and forward its target and standard on CSR issues in Vietnam. Target groups are the industries of Textile & Garment as well the Shoe-Industry. Furthermore the particular trade unions and associations such as VITAS, VINATEX and LEFASO are also on the focus of this activity. It is the aim to inform the relevant stakeholders about the targets and requirements of BSCI, bridge the information gap between European trade and Vietnamese industry. Furthermore BSCI aims to introduce the procedure in order to comply with BSCI standard.


Digital learning on competition Law

With support by the World Bank in Vietnam, during 2008, CDI conducted series of trainings for SMEs on Competition Law, using the modern digital learning and ICT based knowledge learning sharing . The project aims to build the capacity and promote knowledge sharing of and view exchange between representatives from the private sectors and governmental agencies on competition issues. 



Sustainable Business Management with Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam

From 2008 to 2009, CDI with support of PPP Institute (Germany ) conducted the project Sustainable Business Management with Corporate Social Responsibility in Vietnam


  • To help enterprises in Vietnam be aware and able to catch up with the international social standard and requirements.
  • To help to implement the CSR and sustainable management using CSR digital learning tool at enterprises level so they can improve the international competitiveness through human resource and documentation system
  • To design tailored digital learning approach Vietnam sectors and individual enterprises