Scoring selection for mid-term public investment list for 2016-2020 in Quang Tri province


To provide information to support for the activity “Planning for medium-term public investment” in the 2016-2020 period, Quang Tri province, a team led by the Economic-Budget Commission under the People’s Committee of Quang Tri province, with technical support by Professor Dang Hung Vo, Center for Development and Integration (CDI), non-governmental organizations in the budget transparency network (Oxfam, CECEM, ACDC, CEPEW, GPAR) has developed a set of criteria and processes to evaluate and select new investment projects at commune, district to provincial level under the method of preferential scoring. This is an activity within the framework of the project "Promoting transparency, accountability and the participation of people in managing the state budget" funded by the Delegation of the European Union (EC) and Oxfam.

The application of this tool is expected to help the authorities in Quang Tri Province understand the information relating to investment projects from the perspective of the needs and priorities of the people - those who will directly use and benefit from these works. Since then, the activities will help improve the efficiency in the use of investment projects as well as promoting openness and transparency and the participation of people in managing the state budget in Quang Tri province.

After the preparatory process from May 2015, in August 2015, in Quang Tri, the Economic - Budget Commission of the provincial People’s Committee has cooperated with the Centre for Development and Integration (CDI) to held the briefing at the villages, communes and districts in the province on the application of the evaluation process and the criteria for ranking list of the medium-term period public investment projects of 2016-2020. The specific application at the grassroot level in the province will also be implemented according to the plan right after the training session.


The following actions in the series of activities of the evaluation and selection process of medium-term investment list for 2016-2020 period in Quang Tri province to continue to consult the departments and unions of the province and experts are expected to take place in September and end in the first half of October 2015.


ANROEV Conference 2015 "Prevention of Occupational Diseases and Improving Workplace Safety"


[Hanoi] From 4th to 5th September 2015, the meeting of the Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational and Environmental Victims (ANROEV) meeting will be held and is jointly organized by the Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC ) Hong Kong and Center for Development Initiative (CDI), Vietnam. The meeting will be attended by more than 100 delegates from 20 countries around the world including delegates from Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. The delegates will include representatives of health and safety organizations, labour organizations, environmental organizations, academics and scientists from various Universities, policymakers from Vietnam, representatives of International organizations like the ILO and the WHO and representatives of the victims organizations.

The two-day meeting comes in the backdrop of Asia’s growth as the manufacturing hub of the world and the price paid by the workers and the communities in terms of increasing accidents and diseases caused  by both the occupational and the environmental reasons.  Vietnam itself is at the threshold of a major industrial revolution with increasing share in the manufacturing especially in the electronics and garments sector and thus like other Asian countries is facing problems of occupational and environmental health and safety for its workers and communities. The key issues that would be discussed in the meeting include:

1) Overall problems of Occupational and Environmental Health in Asia - considering that most of the countries do not have proper data regarding the impact on workers and community health (in terms of accidents and diseases at work). The ILO and WHO estimates about 1 million people die due to work related reasons in Asia and millions more get injured and sick. Toll due to environmental pollution is much higher.

2) Major Accident/disasters in Asia in recent years: The meeting will discuss the recent spate of accidents ranging from Tianjin explosion in China, Kentex shoe fire in Philippines, Factory Fires in Bangladesh and Pakistan among others. Some victims/survivors from these tragedies (from Philippines, India) will share their experiences. Why accidents are increasing would be discussed and analyzed by various experts from across the world.

3) Occupational and Environmental Diseases in Asia: The meeting will discuss the increasing occupational diseases in Asia ranging from dust related lung diseases, cancers due to exposure to chemicals in various industries including electronics and asbestos manufacturing and benzene related cancers. Victims / activists from the ground will share their experiences of exposure and disease and their struggle for justice. Experts and scientists will  share their findings on reasons for increase in occupational and environmental diseases in Asia and possible ways to deal with it.

4) Building Cross border collaboration to effectively eliminate or reduce occupational and environmental diseases: Participants (both grassroots victims and scientists) will share the best practices in terms of how the problem was dealt in different countries under different scenarios and meeting is expected to provide a platform for cross border sharing and developing joint strategy towards making Asia a safer and healthy place


This is a unique gathering of grassroots organizers, policy makers, NGO experts and academics from many prestigious universities and would be a good opportunity to talk to them on issues that confront Vietnam also including prevention of Occupational accidents, occupational and environmental diseases and lastly but not the least efforts to eliminate dangerous chemicals and processes from Asia and Vietnam including Benzene, Asbestos among others.


BTAP Coalition’s workshop on activity planning

IMAG1974 small

From 30 to 31 July 2015, the BTAP (Budget Transparency Accountability Participation) Coalition’s workshop on activitiy planning, an activity of the project "Promoting transparency and the participation of citizens in state budget management" funded by EC took place in Hanoi. The workshop aimed at planning the activities of the Coalition in 2015-2016 with participants including representatives of the coalition’s member organizations: Oxfam, CDI, ACDC, CEPEW; representatives of the People’s Committee and Women's Union of Quang Tri province; and representatives of the People’s Committee and Farmers’ Association of Hoa Binh province.

In the first meeting, the Coalition’s members have discussed and made operational initiatives for the Union in 2015-2016. The members presented 10 activity initiatives for the Coalition in the years after the first meeting, among which 5 initiatives are evaluated with the highest priority points are:

 widespread practice of budget publicity and transparency process (provincial OBI)

 clear budgeting process and relevant criteria. Budget allocations having the participation of the people

 Apply information technology to information access and budget monitoring

 Develop and publish a citizen budget

 Supervise the work efficiency of projects after investment


During the 2nd day of work, the Coalition launched a detailed implementation plan for the five priority action initiatives in 2015-2016. In particular, activities related to the budget allocation process, citizen budget and efficient budget monitoring after investment were planned to be implemented in Hoa Binh and Quang Tri. The activities related to provincial OBI (Open Budget Index) and information technology for the Coalition were also planned in details by member organizations. Finally, members of the Coalition together unified a coordination mechanism in the Coalition to achieve the highest efficiency in order to strengthen the Coaliation as well as expanding the it in the future.


Vietnam: Making budget more open and Government more accountable through law making


In 2013, five civil society organizations (CSOs) in Vietnam namely ACDC, Center for Development and Integration (CDI), CECEM, CEPEW formed Budget Transparency and Participation (BTAP) coalition. During 2014-2015, the coalition proposed recommendations for amendment of the State Budget Law to improve transparency, accountability and participatory in state budget management through various advocacy efforts.

On 25 June 2015, the National Assembly of Vietnam has approved the amended State Budget Law with some major amendments on mechanism that make budget open and enhance citizens’ participation in budget process.  Provisions in the law states more clearly in article 15 that requires (1) budget documents to be published including executive budget proposal (both at national budget and local budget and It is indicated this document should include both the data and narratives contents); (2) in year report and 6 month report to be publish no later than 15 days of the following period (3) state audit’s report and corrective measures and results of corrective measures (no later than 30 days after its issuance). Article 15 also provides channel to publish budget documents including announcing at regular sessions/meetings; posting in office of relevant agencies; issuing publications; sending official notice to relevant organizations and individuals; publicizing on web pages; informing about through the mass media. Article 16 provides that people have right to monitor budget issues including performance of budget execution and openness of budget (article 16). Article 16 of the amended budget law also provides for mechanism of feedback from community.


While all these details, basing on recommendations of the five CSOs, are newly included in the law, they are creating an essential foundation for further steps to enhance the transparency, accountability and participatory approach in fiscal issues. Future plans of Vietnam BTAP network will include exercising right to access information of people on state budget issues such as feedback and comments using citizen budget documents and enhance people’s participation in budget monitoring including of public investment. Some further pilot of citizen budget will be implemented at local government and social accountability will be practice in wider scope in terms of monitoring budget spending at local level.


In September 2015, the Global Index on Open Budget Index will be luanched and this will be important benchmark index for Vietnam to compare with other good practice to enhance open budget in practice. Further support to BTAP coalition and CDI will be continued by International Budget Partnership.


Related video: "The revised State Budget Law (June 2015): Making budget more open and Government more accountable"


CDI receiving award and grant from Korean Government

KOICA award

On 15 July 2015, CDI is honored to receive the award and grant from Korean Government (through KOICA and Work Together Foundation) under the Global Social Enterprise Accelerating Project (GSAP) under the Public-Private Partnership and Inclusive Business programme of KOICA.

CDI and Greenfairtrade will jointly support Cau Dat coffee cooperative to produce high quality coffee with sustainable production, processing, branding and marketing of Cau Dat coffee and coffee tourism. The project aims to increase values of Vietnamese Coffee and about 20% of household income of small coffee producers in Cau Dat, Xuan Truong, Lam Dong. The project is one year pilot with possible scale up if successful piloted for the first one year.

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