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CDI: Initially engaged in advocacy in ASEAN region

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From 04 to 08, June 2016, representatives of the Center for Development and Integration (CDI) attended the training workshop on Advocacy in ASEAN organized by The Mekong Migration Network (MMN) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 5-day training course was attended by 17 delegates, representing non-governmental organizations, research units from 4 countries in the Mekong region, including Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The attendants from Vietnam consisted of 2 representatives from CDI and 2 representatives from the Center for Research Management and Sustainable Development (MSD) and the Faculty of Law, National University of Hanoi. The training also welcomed the participation of experts from many different organizations, including 4 teachers and 6 speakers who are activists, journalists, researchers and leaders of a number of international organizations with extensive experience participating in the process of advocacy in ASEAN.

The goal of the training is to provide basic knowledge and information for organizations involved in the process of advocacy and building actions at regional level. The training course has provided useful information on the structure and institutions of ASEAN and the process of making decisions and influencing factors in these decisions to a great extent. The course also helped participants improve skills related to policy analysis and advocacy, presenting the message and campaign planning.

The representatives of CDI actively participated in the discussions and presentations in the training. CDI will also continue the discussions with other civil society organizations in Vietnam to contribute to the joint action plan in the process of advocacy at ASEAN level. Thereby, the workers support programmes that CDI is implementing will be expanded, contributing to the promotion for the rights of migrant workers both at national and regional level.

More reading: News about the workshop on MMN website:


"The boat stuck in a billabong"


Following the photo stories on the lives of migrant workers by CDI and the authors: Do Manh Cuong, Dinh Duc Hoang, Nguyen Thi Thu Lanh, with the support of Oxfam, we are pleased to introduce the 2nd story, the story of a family fishing and selling pottery along the streets living in a boarding hamlet by the Red river - "The boat stuck in a billabong".

Click here to view and download the story "The boat stuck in a billabong" ("Thuyen trong vung can"):

Thuyen trong vung can_phan 1


Thuyen trong vung can_phan 2

Updated information and free consultancy to workers:


“A twenty-something life in the factory”

Tuoi 20

In recent years, Viet Nam has taken significant steps in economic and social development and has step by step integrated into the regional and global economy. However, in the time of rapid change, Vietnam is facing a number of remarkable challenges including ensuring the enforcement of  labour rights which helps maintain the sustainable development of the national economy, society and environment of the country.

The unstable and unsustainable development of the economy and the consequences of industrialization and modernization process cause the increase in social gap and multi-dimensional poverty, the imbalance in migration and difficulties in implementing social protection policies of migrant workers.


The U.S. Role in Vietnam’s Governance - The Asian country’s lofty goals are more likely with open budgets and good governance



[By Vivel Ramkumar | Contributor]

When President Obama arrives in Vietnam this weekend, he will surely praise its leaders for their impressive achievement of sustained economic growth and poverty reduction. He will also talk about the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, thanking Vietnam for being part of the trade pact. But he should also highlight how modernizing governance can play an essential role in fulfilling Vietnam's aspiration of future prosperity.


Workshop “New amendments in the State Budget Law 2015 and consultation for drafting the guiding Decree for the State Budget Law 2015”


On 28/03/2016, in Ho Chi Minh city, the Budget Transparency, Accountability and Participation Coalition (BTAP) organized the workshop “New amendments in the State Budget Law 2015 and consultation for drafting the guiding Decree for the State Budget Law 2015” to disseminate the new amendments in the State Budget Law 2015 and consult opinions for the drafting of the guiding Decree for implementation.

30 civil society organizations from the provinces in the Middle and the South of Vietnam and the specialists: Mr. Nguyen Minh Tan, Deputy Director of Department of Finance and State Budget, Professor Dang Hung Vo - Former Deputy Director of Minister of Natural Resources and Environment attended the workshop.

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