The Centre for Development and Integration (CDI) was established in April 2005. As a domestic NGO in Vietnam. CDI commits to contribute to poverty reduction and societal equity. CDI conducts research, policy advocacy, capacity building and assistance actions in the areas of good governance, trade and development. The centre also provides legal knowledge and legal aid to vulnerable groups.


We work to ensure that Vietnam’s social and economic development benefits all of its citizens. Our overarching concern with good governance to achieve an equitable society in which the rights of all people are respected. A society in which the interests, especially, of poor women, girls, men and boys, are respected and supported during the contemporary period of Vietnam’s integration with the global economy


To bridge societal gaps through assistance actions and by engaging emerging issues through policy advocacy and capacity building.


The Center for Development and Integration (CDI,) under the umbrella of the Viet Nam Asia-Pacific Economic Center (VAPEC), was established under Decision No. o4/ATBD/QD on 8 June 2005 and from then on operated as an independent organization. CDI was licensed by the Ministry of Science and Technology throgh license No. A_339 on 5 August 2005.


  • Good Governance
  • Labor Rights
  • Globalisation and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Trade and Development


  • High quality research on economic and social conditions, trade and business development.
  • Raising awareness of corporate social responsibilities and fair trade through policy advocacy, public campaigns and networking.
  • Grass roots strengthening of communities and enhancement of vulnerable groups’ participation in development processes and government decision-making.
  • Facilitate knowledge exchanges through international co-operation, seminars and conferences.
  • Resource center for training of public managers and practitioners in strategic planning, public finance, development management, monitoring and evaluation


  • We have been involved in a wide range of development work.
  • Asia studies and regional advocacy: human security, global supply chains, labor migration, labor relations, trade in GMS.
  • Socio-economic planning (SEDP) and CPRGS roll-out and capacity building to local governments and communities: participatory poverty assessment, strategic planning, results-based planning, village development and planning, participatory M&E. Extensive experience in Central Highlands, Northern Mountainous Area and Red River Delta and Mekong Delta Regions.
  • Policy analysis and advocacy: labor market segmentation, poverty, trade, development.
  • Assessment of national programs and projects: rural development, gender, education, poverty reduction,       environment


  • Report 2005-2010
  • Updated development experiences
  • Profile for consultancy services